Ready to Print Graphic Design & Typography
Handbook for Media Designers

Author: Kristina Nickel
July 2011
21 × 26 cm
288 Pages, full color
PVC cover, bookmark ribbon
ISBN: 978-3-89955-325-3

Price: 230 lei

Ready to Print is an easy to follow reference for designers that thoroughly explains each stage of how to prepare data for prepress and production. Clearly structured chapters on “Paper,” “Printing Techniques,” “Typography,” “Trapping,” “Color,” “Image Editing,” and “PDF” as well as abundant descriptive graphics impart essential knowledge in a comprehensive way. From the traits of various types of paper to the recommended settings when exporting data into a print-ready PDF, the book thoroughly explains both opportunities and hurdles in pre-print and production. In short, the book shows all designers how to create the best-possible print product.