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112 pages, 20 x 25 cm

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Across history, the morality of taking what belongs to another has been of concern to both theologians and lawmakers. Yet theft necessarily raises the question of what constitutes ownership, opening onto a longstanding philosophical debate about the relationship between property, freedom and virtue that stretches from Plato through Aquinas, Kant and Marx to contemporary theorists of intellectual property. 'Cabinet 58', with a special section on "Theft," includes Susan Brewer on intellectual property debates in the agricultural and pharmaceutical industries, Merle Harman on "beach theft" in the Caribbean, and more.

Colors / Cadmium Red
Erica Baum
Bursting in air

Thing / No. 4
Sally O'Reilly, Leland de la Durantaye, and Adam Jasper
Left to their own devices

Ingestion / Farcical Farces
Allen S. Weiss
The stuff of friendship

Inventory / Wheels of Desire
Jon Calame
Cataloguing the aspirations of American RV owners

A City for Poets and Pirates
Reinaldo Laddaga
Gabriele D’Annunzio and the Fiume adventure

The Internet of Snails
Justin E. H. Smith
Escargotic commotion and the wood-wide web

Artist Project / Who Is Jimmy Buckles?
Nancy Davenport

Instant Masterpiece
Dennis Jelonnek
Raphael’s Transfiguration, transfigured by Polaroid

Autobiographical Bodies
Alice Butler
Reading “Sparraw’s Kneecaps”

Sacrament to Street Food
Aden Kumler
The troubled history of the waffle

Jubrique Update
Visiting our Andalusian stronghold

Inside Jobs
Geoff Manaugh
Burrowing for books

Give and Take
D. Graham Burnett
The contingencies of trust

A Phony Claim?
Margherita Peliti
Antonio Meucci contra Alexander Graham Bell

The Robber and the Robbed
Jerry Toner
Theft in ancient Rome

Gift of General Dodds
Julian Lucas
The plundering of Dahomey

Inside the Mechanical Turk
Amazon’s microtasking platform and the question of stolen labor

Postcard / Dialing for Free with Captain Crunch
Bookmark / Thou Shalt Not Steal (This Book)