MONU #23

Edited by Bernd Upmeyer
Published by MONU
20 x 27 cm

Price: 70 lei

Distributing Power - Interview with Jeremy Till by Bernd Upmeyer
Temporary Urban Spaces as Evidence of Participatory Urbanism
by Carolyn Sponza
Towards a New Urbanism - Emergent Strategies by Gonzalo J López
Learning from Advocacy Planning
by Verena Lenna
From a Spatial Society to a Spatial Culture
by Moana Heussler, Peter Jenni and Stefan Kurath
The Utopia of DIY Urbanism: The Case of the Holzmarkt Cooperative, Berlin
by Uta Gelbke
“Make City” in Times of an “Absolute Present”? by Nina Gribat, Hannes Langguth and Mario Schulze
Participation as a Battlefield - Interview with Damon Rich
by Bernd Upmeyer
Is Commoning the New/Old Participation?
by Stefan Gruber
Commons, Participatory Urbanism and Democratic Participation by Nele Aernouts and Thomas Decreus
Participatory Design as Tailoring
by Andrea Spreafico
Rhythm 0 by Marina Abramović
The Interactionist City
by Tom Marble
The Urban Citizens’ Extitutional Processes in Madrid
by Esaú Acosta, Mauro Gil-Fournier, Miguel Jaenicke (SIC, VIC)
Citizen Participation in Chilean Urban Micro–Strategies: I love my Neighborhood Program
by Luis Eduardo González
Participatory Urbanism: New Learning-scapes in Contemporary Cities
by Serafina Amoroso
Participation Time
by Sheryl-Ann Simpson
What’s Wrong With?
by Jaffer Kolb and Anya Sirota
Participants or Consumers? The ‘Do It Yourself’ Construction of the Twenty-First Century City
by Cathy Smith 23_6_large.jpg 23_4_large.jpg 23_5_large.jpg 23_3_large.jpg 23_2_large.jpg