It’s moving from I to It

Edited by FormContent
Publisher: Mousse Publishing
192 pages
23 x 32 cm
ISBN: 9780955902994

Price: 92 lei

At times documentation, at times artists’ book, the publication brings together a body of original documents and commissioned texts actively mirroring the process and the questions that had organically developed into “It’s moving from I to It,” a 15-month program on visual language, abstraction, disappearance, and the object, which took shape through a series of commissioned texts, workshops, a set of public events and exhibitions.

With contributions by Åbäke, Adam Avikainen, Paul Becker, Irina Botea & Nicu Ilfoveanu, Ben Cain, Julia Calver, Jeremiah Day, Manon De Boer, Jochen Dehn, Tim Etchells, Fitts & Holderness, Aurélien Froment, Mark Geffriaud, Goldin+Senneby, Douglas Gordon, Martin Gustavsson, Marine Hugonnier, Andrew Kerton, Ian Kiaer, Chosil Kil, Július Koller, Phillip Lai, Oliver Laric, Gil Leung, Sylvère Lotringer, Michael Newman, Beatriz Olabarrieta, Miklos Onucsan, Siôn Parkinson, Amanda Ross-Ho, Chris Sharp, Pilvi Takala, Harald Thys and Jos de Gruyter, Peter Waechtler, Katherine Waugh, and Ian White.