Kilobase Bucharest A-H

Author: Ioana Nemes, Dragos Olea
Publisher: Mousse Publishing
Language: English / German / Italian
96 pages
16.5 x 11 cm
ISBN: 9788896501450

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A-H is part of a project connected to "Image to be projected until it vanishes," a group show curated by Mihnea Mircan. This book, published by Kilobase Bucharest, a fictitious art gallery dreamed up by Dragos Olea and Ioana Nemes (the exhibition is dedicated to the latter, who passed away suddenly last April), is the first of three publications aimed at describing Bucharest through a sort of experimental primer: for each letter, eight artists and collectives have chosen a key term that represents a sliver of the Romanian capital.
The resulting portrait conveys the essence of Bucharest from a subjective standpoint that captures the infinite facets of the city's life and culture.