Activities and coloring book with drawings by Dan Perjovschi /
Carte de activiati si colorat cu desene de Dan Perjovschi

author: Monotremu
publisher: Minitremu
32 pages with b/w ills.
text: Romanian
1000 copies print run
ISBN 978-973-0-15176-3

Price: 40 lei

"The Activity and Coloring Book with Drawings by Dan Perjovschi is an important gesture towards the appropriation of art instruments by younger audiences, generating a certain sensitivity and widening the understanding of the phenomenon of contemporary art. With the simplest (and yet subtle) drawings by Dan Perjovschi, the children can understand - like in a game – the many forms of the contemporary society at all its levels: cultural, social and political. Dan Perjovschi's drawings, cleverly "translated" and put into action by Minitremu, become children's first civics lessons and possibly their first alphabet even before they understand and learn the real alphabet or simultaneously with this process. The book may have the important role not for opening the interest for art, but also to create a critical awareness from the early ages." (Daria Ghiu)