Edited by Asociatia Oberliht
135 pages, 52 duotone illustrations

Price: 48 lei

Following the series of projects titled INTERVENTIONS (2006-2008) Oberliht Association launched the KIOSK project in 2009. Embodied in FLAT SPACE - a cultural information point and a platform for public participation - it aims to provide continuity to the previously organised activities and offer an alternative within a cultural sector dominated by institutions inherited from the Communist period. Installed on a tiny segment of municipal ground, squeezed in between cars agressively taking over the sidewals, FLAT SPACE palys the role of an active agent of bottom-up civic involvement, understanding cultural engagement as social action capable of producing a critical culture. The activities built around it address, in its immediate surroundings, the urgent questin of public space. In a broader way, the project offers the basis for the analisys of the cultural, social and political realities of one of Europe's suburbs.