Edited by
Carlos Cardenas,
Vincent Justin,
Marie Maertens
Published by
Les Presses du Reel
English / French
15 x 21 cm
208 pages

Price: 100 lei

Collect Digital Video Art is built around a series of conversations led with industry experts: artists, independent curators, art critics, gallerists, museum curators and directors of video art archives. The book sets out to define the terms (video, digital, new media, moving image) and give an overview of the implications regarding collecting video art today. A broad overview of video art's development as an artistic practice is interlaced with commentary from artworld authorities, giving the art form both historical context and coherence in relation to contemporary art practices. Painting, sculpture and performance are all examined in their relationship to video. This is an essential guide for any would-be collector of video art, providing useful information and practical advice for collecting video art today. It tackles important issues relating to video and digital art's value, the art market, collection and display, and issues of preservation and authenticity.

The book's primary source is a collection of interviews with art-world authorities including Christine Van Assche of the Pompidou center in Paris, Lori Zippay of EAI in New York, Niklas Svenung of the Galerie Chantal Crousel in Paris, renowned video collector Isabelle LemaƮtre and artists Cory Arcangel and Amalia Ulman. The cover is by Cory Arcangel, and includes reproductions by Andy Warhol, Bruce Nauman, Ed Atkins, Hito Steyerl, Ange Leccia, Bill Viola, Pierre Huyghe, Philippe Parreno, Douglas Gordon, among others.