Author: Yona Friedman
Published by cneai=
21 x 29.8 cm

Price: 190 lei

The full set of the trilogy entitled Manuals, which contain Yona Friedman’s “cartoon strips”. They were published from 1975-1992 in more than thirty countries and twenty languages, often in the form of photocopies. The first volume describes the region, the city and nature. The second volume treats the subjects on nutrition, protection, habitation, and the mountains. From the “wordology” of Liebniz to African folk tales, the third volume disseminates Friedman’s research on the questions of language, interpretation and improvisation.

"The forms produced by Yona Friedman, published forms, cheap and basic techniques, practical content, suggest that the time has come to no longer think of art in terms of marginality, the only way to put art back in motion is to give it back the central place which it has in many cultures, to transform art and so contribute to its formation." - Sylvie Boulanger