Serii. Multiple. Realisme.
Series. Multiples. Realisms.
Nicu Ilfoveanu

edited by Alina Serban
self published
March 2014
language: romanian & english
hard cover
18 x 23 cm
212 pagew, 71 duotones

Price: 45 lei

O armata din bronz, fonta si ciment adunata de prin satele si comunele din România, tiparita în 500 de exemplare.
O serie fotografica de Nicu Ilfoveanu, descifrata istoric si sociologic de Alexandru Balasescu, Anda Becut, Claude Karnoouh, Gheorghe Negustor, Nikolai Vukov si editata de Alina Serban.

From identifiable persons to anonymous representations; from residual objects to symbolic monuments; from national heroes to contemporary peacekeepers;
Soldiers are figures of time.
Is the universality of their presence reflecting solely the repetition of human habits or the form of a collective conviction or faith?