Editor: Matteo Ghidoni
Publisher: San Rocco
23 × 17 cm
Price: 250 lei (€50)

SAN ROCCO • ECOLOGY Rui Aristides and Campomarzio on the Saline Royale at Arc-et-Senans * Ido Avissar on tranquillity in disorder * Francesca Benedetto on the island of the lakes * Caitlin Blanchfield on landscape and the New Deal * Dominic Broadhurst on Mad Max * Paolo Carpi digs into compost * Ludovico Centis at Niagara Falls * Rania Ghosn and El Hadi Jazairy on Beijing’s air * Fabien Giraud and Max Turnheim on ecology and emancipation * Robert Alexander Gorny introduces Gestaltungsgesellschaften * Stefano Graziani in conversation with Rene Gabri * Harry Gugger and Bárbara Maçães Costa on urban nature * Wonne Ickx on the stump of a Sequoia * Emma Letizia Jones on Berlin’s parkway * Ali Karimi tells a fable about Bahrain * MAP Office envisions multiple Hong Kongs * Maria Chiara Pastore on sewers * Giovanni Piovene offers some notes on territory * Bas Princen finds oil * Davide Rapp explores ventilation ducts * Irénée Scalbert on apples * Sabine Schulz Blank on wilderness * Tuomas Toivonen heats the sauna * With photos by Stefano Graziani and Bas Princen