San Rocco #9: Monks and Monkeys

Editor: Matteo Ghidoni
Publisher: San Rocco
Date of publishing:
Language: English
160 pages
23 × 17 cm

Price: 78 lei

Spring 2014

*Fifty-two Blank Pages: Noir Fiction by Edward Ruscha / William Watson

*Spaces for People Who Are Not Your Friends of the Open Frame / Freek Persyn

*Francesco Lo Savio: Things that Architects Can Learn from a Forerunner of Minimal Art / Andrea Balestrero

*Die Hütte / Sophie Nys

*Estrangement: The Blue House / Beth Hughes

*Some Thoughts on Visiting the Stone House at Tavole / Lorenzo De Chiffre

*Below the Minimal Surface of Muji / Solomon Christian Dimmer and Erez Golani

*An Island of Catholic Monks: Chile’s Utopia in the 1990s / Francisco Díaz

*Less than Mies / Marco Biraghi

*Sculpture into Architecture / Michael Abrahamson

*Stirling’s Minimalism / Kersten Geers

*A Partial List / Fabrizio Gallanti

*Hyperminimalism: Architecture / Benedict Clouette and Marlisa Wise

*Some Scale Models We’d Like to Know / Erin Besler and Ian Besler

*Sottsass’s Grey Furniture / 2A+P/A

*The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Minimalism / Filippo Cattapan

*Rustling Jimmies since Day One / Daniel Tudor Munteanu

*The Birth of Minimalism From the Spirit of Theo van Doesburg / Valter Scelsi

*Bad Lieutenant: Álvaro Siza at Novartis Campus / Diego Seixas Lopes

*Everything Only Happens Once / Simon Walker

*Sol, Jon and Costantino; Or, the Elegy of the Frame / Andrea Zanderigo, Giulio Boem